Adam "Sos" Sosnick has lived a true rags to riches story. But he wasn’t always an authority on money. In fact he was quite the opposite.


Before hitting it in big in finance in his thirties, he worked every job under the sun in his twenties. He was a radio advertising salesman for Clear Channel, a party promoter, a hotel manager, a substitute teacher, a sports agent, he even did stand-up comedy. Life had a lot of perks, but was making NO money.


In 2006, eager to start making real money, Sos got an entry level job at a financial firm as a cold caller. After a few years of cutting his teeth and learning the ropes of the world of finance, Sos got promoted to VP of Sales and began to make some good money.  All the while, the financial world around him was crumbling due to the 2008 Great Recession. He saw people go from making millions to losing their jobs overnight. It was at that moment he recognized the #SAVETHATMONEY mantra


Since then, he has taken his mantra and his questions regarding money on road, asking regular people, celebs, and athletes their thoughts on personal finance. He has also appeared on such national media outlets as Investopedia, CNBC, I Heart Radio, and E!, sharing his success story and teaching people about proper money management, getting out of debt, and getting on track to start winning with money.


Adam has spoke before financial professionals as well and uses his professional expertise – and his personal experience – to conduct personal finance workshops and seminars, and give keynote addresses, all around the country.


Some workshops are sponsored by companies or non-profits and may be free of charge. Other seminars are conducted at conferences, conventions or special events for a modest fee. Additionally, Sos Talk Money hosts its own low-cost group seminars, conducted by Sos as tele-seminars or webinars.

Sos Will Cover His 6 Steps To Winning  With Money


  • The ABCs of Budgeting, Credit and Debt

  • How to Have Zero Debt

  • How Much Does It Cost To Be You?

  • Eliminate Student Loan Debt  



  • Smart Money Moves to making debt go away for good

  • Are you losing or winning?

  • Little Lies That Hinder Financial Success


  • Your Own Nest Egg / Paying Yourself

  • Saving For Emergencies

  • Saving to Invest 


  • Investing 101

  • Compound Interest

  • Investing Success With Index Funds


  • Protect Your Wealth

  • The Importance Of Your Greatest Asset


  • Affording Who You Really Are

  • Giving Back

  • Create the Retirement of Your Dreams

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