Roll That Loud Save That Money

Got a chance to chop it up, rap, and take it back to the origins of the biggest contemporary hip hip show on the planet, Rolling Loud. I admire big ideas, but what I admire even more than that, are big ideas realized. Tariq Cherif, was just a young guy who wanted to help the world and the environment. But before one can save the world, they have to get their money right. As the Co-Founder of Rolling Loud, Tariq is well on his way to giving back and is making hip hop fans go nuts in doing so. Entrepreneurs, take notes, as you're coming up, don't live lavishly, save that money, and think long term. I was in particular humored the human, more fiscal side of the rappers that Tariq has come to know. You mean the spending mindset is all an act for some of these guys? Either way, nuff respect due for this guy making it happen. You the man, Tariq. Keep growing, keep crushing it, and rolling that loud, all the way up, to highest octave possible!

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