Sos Talks Wade County Tees

2012 Miami Florida was at the center of the NBA world. The Miami had signed the big 3: Lebron James, Chris Bosh, and Miami's favorite adopted son, Dwyane Wade. Needles to say, there was money to be made as a result of this excitement. Local bars, clubs, and restaurants all had high numbers. As did the the business of Heat merchandise and apparel. One guy, known as "Mizzle", had a vision to celebrate Miami and his friend, Mr. D. Wade himself, designing the original Wade County Tee. Although this vision of his was not accompanied with a plan and that, as you'll see in this interview, was a bad look! BUT in the grand scheme of life, the young Mizzle learned that failing to plan is planning to fail. A mistake he'll never make again. Shoot your shot, kids, but have a plan! Congrats to Flash on a basketball career for the ages. Wade County forever!

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