Donate Your Time - Special Olympics

As you know I like to talk about why we strive To win with money. Step six of my Sos 6 game plan to win with money is Chilln. Although, it's essentially not really a step, but a goal. What you would do if you could do anything you want, if money was not an object and you were good in the department of money. I like to give back. Perhaps you’re nowhere near the goal of Chillin, and you don’t have the expendable income to donate money, but you can donate your time. We should always try to find time to help out in the community and support righteous causes. I am a huge fan of sports if you have not noticed. Im also fan of helping out in the community in anyway that I can. With that being said, Special Olympics is a favorite cause of mine, as it celebrates the human spirit through the spirit of sports. We all have a champion within us and it’s up to us to allow that champion to flourish and succeed. Even though I wasn’t making money on this day at the Special Olympics it’s still a huge W in my book, as it was for all of those special olympians who showed and got to the finish line. Donate your time on your road to the finish line!

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