Sos Talks Money With Montana Tucker at Dream Masterminds Event

Had a blast chatting it up with all the talented entrepreneurial spirits at the Dream Mastermind conference in Miami. Montana Tucker and I met a few million followers ago, back when she was just a girl with a passion to dance. She stuck the passion through and stayed true to herself, which lead her to where she is today. Notice how she makes sure to align herself with brands that reflect her personal brand and her audience. Sometimes you have to turn down money for the bigger picture and not to tarnish your brand. One of the common nuggets of advice I heard at the Mastermind event was to just start. We all second guess ourselves, it is normal, but you have to learn to kill all that noise. Silence the hater within. Act upon your aspirations and never look back. Burn the ships as it were. Stay the course, as whatever your endeavor is it wont become a success over night. Keep moving, keep dancing like nobody is watching, or in Montana's case 2 million people are!

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