Holiday Gift Giveaway with Santa Sos!


Gift giveaway with Sos Talks Money. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! If you’ve been following our Sos Talks Money project, you know I’m all about saving money. But it’s the holiday season and I’m in the giving mood. So as a token of my appreciation for watching and being part of the ever growing #savethatmoney movement; I’m giving away a bunch of gifts to my loyal audience for the holidays. That’s right, free gifts to those who enter and officially join the #savethatmoney movement. When you click the link below you’ll be entered to win gifts like: the Sos Talks Money bluetooth speaker, money wireless headphones, a cornhole game reminding you to save that money, dozens of gift cards, and even cold hard cash.

In the first year of our show we’ve identified the problems facing millennials with your money. This upcoming season we are dedicated to offering solutions to your money questions and problems. We’ll be showcasing more celebrity and Influencer interviews, a live call-in show to answer your direct questions, and The Sos 6, a six step plan to help you build wealth and win with money.

I started this show to help young Americans who have not been given the chance to learn basic personal finance skills in school. Schools have failed us. I had to learn this on my own, as self-made rags to riches story, I learned financial success the hard way. If this can help our generation just a bit and inspire them to get financially fit, I’ve done my job. So again, thank you, and click below to win and join our ranks of the #savethatmoney movement.


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