Art Basel 2018

A R T B A S E L - The most eventful week in December showcases world famous artists and also celebrates the artists on the rise. This year, I went around to interview both artists and attendees of these events to see how many purchases were actually taking place. How much were people willing to spend on art? Were they looking with a budget in mind or just simply looking and posting to Instagram? Let's find out.

During Art Basel, most events are housed within a five mile radius between South Beach, Downtown Miami, and the Wynwood Art District. While Wynwood always has dope art and colorful graffiti on every corner, during Art Basel it's on another level. Events take place every night packed with celebrities, influencers, and famous artists. This year, some of the big name attendees were Kanye West, Cardi B, Virgil Abloh, Paris Hilton and many more. Whether you come for the fashion, art, or the parties, it's always a good time. One of my favorite interviews in Wynwood was with Romero Britto who I got the chance to discuss art, passion, and money.

While other's were partying around the art, you know me, I had to interview the attendees to get their opinion on the whole festival and whether they planned on opening their wallets to purchase some art. While some were willing to dish out a couple grand for a standout piece, others were more likely to snap a selfie and post to the gram instead.

Not one December goes by that flights aren't being booked to Miami to attend Art Basel. The weather is sunny in the day with a refreshing ocean breeze at night, the food is amazing, and you'll see the greatest art in the world. If you are considering coming to town, just know this is probably one of the most expensive times to visit Miami so plan accordingly and save that money!


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