Talking Money with a Financial Adviser of the Orthodox Jewish Community

First and foremost, happy Hanukkah out there to all my Jewish friends. If there’s one thing that seems to stick out about the Jewish community, is that Jewish people tend to be good with money. Has this been our secret to success? Maybe…

I had a chance to talk money with Rafael. Rafael is a financial adviser to Jewish community. The Jews to go him to talk money! So you know that he knows how to save that money. The message he shares is to live off 80% of your paycheck and to save the other 20%. You heard it, saving that money not only helps you build wealth, but makes you a better a person. Makes sense to me.

It's a known fact Jewish people are good with money, generally speaking, but I assure you this doesn’t go for all us. Whether your Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Sikh, Buddhist, etc. at the end of the day, your religion does not necessarily mean you are fiscally responsible. If there is one belief that should unite us, it is to Save That Money.

Merry early Christmas out there as well! Speaking of which, personal finance guru, Dave Ramsey is a devout Christian, and is also a firm believer in saving and being debt free! Amen and Shalom!

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