Fincon '18 With Chris Hogan

This years Fin Con 2018 was quite the event - where MONEY and MEDIA meet. I had the chance to chat it up with all kinds of financial service companies like Capital One, AARP, and Investopedia. I also met with some like minded financially-savvy content creators like Millennial Money, Mr Money Mustache, Financial Diet and what a chat we had. Among all these attendees on the conference floor, there was a titan in attendance, a sultan of saving if you will. This individual goes by the name of Chris Hogan.

For those of you that don't know who Chris Hogan is, chances are you don't know who Dave Ramsey is. Let's just say If Chris Hogan is a Titan in the personal finance game, Dave Ramsey is Zeus. He's a real OG. Check him out here! Chris Hogan was at Fincon representing the Dave Ramsey team and goes by the title, "Money Coach".

Chris and I spoke about you guessed it - money. How to save that money and how to NOT get up in that deserve-mentality. Far too often people feel that they are entitled to do things that they may not be able to afford. It is this mind set that could lead one to working 10-15 years longer because they didn't take financial precautions earlier in life. At first these shortcomings can be classified as rookie mistakes, but if you continue to make these mistakes instead of learning from them, they become CHOICES. Eventually, you are choosing to be broke. Not a good look! Perhaps Chris Hogan can coach you into making the right choices.

All and all, Chris Hogan's #SAVETHATMONEY advice is key for your future financial success. Listen to his words and implement his advice like the future of your wallet depends on it. His financial background and motivational money advice reminds me of that time I talked money with the Millionaire Mentor; see his interview here.

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