You Spent How Much At Comic-Con?!

You spent how much MONEY on COSPLAY?! Sos Talks Money at Comic Con. It's no secret that people of ALL AGES are fans of comic and fantasy worlds of pop-culture. I rolled up to Comic-Con to ask them some real world questions about their money. IE their debt, credit cards, saving habits, and how much money they dropped on their costumes. Ok hobbies are great. I get it -have fun, BUT be sure you are saving as well.

I think I may have mentioned the importance of saving before. Remember, saving is essentially paying yourself. It's that simple. Once you get yourself in the personal finance mindset, your financial world will start to change for the better, the sweeter, the wealthier. Tai Lopez had some great gems on this all too important subject. See his wise words here. SAVE! Do it early and often.

Get a side hustle like my boy Grant has preached at Millennial Money. This guy went from broke to balling all in a few years. And it all begins with saving! Be careful with running up debt with credit cards. As another personal finance titan (Chris Hogan) told me, "You wander into debt, but you can't wander out!"

Why do we save? Oh well there are several reasons, but the most important is to invest. Start making your money work for YOU! Not the other way around. Here's my episode where I head down to Wall Street and ask for investing advice for young people. Also there are some great resources here at Ivestopedia, I had a great chat with them at this last FinCon in Orlando, FL. Save That Money!

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