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Oh to travel, to see the world, to take-in different cultures and beautiful sites, to create life-long memories, and of course to drop some epic grams. This all comes with price, especially if you're going abroad. A ticket to Europe can be upward of $1000; try doubling that if you're trying to hit up Asia. And that's just the flight! Throw in the hotel, cars, train tickets, food, shots of absinthe and it all ads up! Don't get me wrong, I'm not hating on traveling abroad; I'm just hating on being wasteful and doing things that are not within your means. It's easy to travel into debt... getting out isn't as easy! Here's a VIDEO I did among hip-hop fans at Rolling Loud Miami, shedding some light on the epidemic of young people's apathy in saving money.

Which brings me to the point of this entry. You want to experience life. OK great - visit the USA! We happen to live in quite an amazing country with various climates and cultures that you can explore for a fraction the price of going abroad. Just the other day, I was visiting family in Northern Michigan and we went on a day trip up to Pyramid Point up in the breathtaking sand dunes. We hiked up the drastic inclines to reach the top and saw the crystal blue waters of Lake Michigan. I was amazed at how beautiful the view was and how crystal clear the water was. It instantly made me think of my trip to Mykonos a few years ago. Little did I know I could go to Michigan and see the same thing and #SAVETHATMONEY at the same time!

Travel on a budget! Your wallet will thank you, as will your future debt free self. Here's a great article by Money Crashers outlining the top 10 cheapest cities to visit in the US. I also highly recommend using a service like and when purchasing flights. They compare all the sites, finding you the cheapest airfare out there. Another great tip is to use your frequent flyer points and miles to your advantage. If you have yet to learn points from the master, look no further then The Points Guy. Here's the link to his beginners guide.

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