$50 Million Dollar NBA Baller Saves That Money

How does $50 Million Dollar NBA baller Kelly Olynyk stay a baller? He saves that money! Sos and Kelly have been boys for a minute. Before Sos had a nickel and Kelly had a contract. So when Olynyk signed a massive deal with the Miami Heat, he needed a place to crash before settling into his new city. And by being a baller who's not a baller he ended up crashin' on his buddy Sos's couch for preseason! That's right. Better than than wasting money on hotels, right? Join Sos and his buddy Kelly in his first talk show as they talk not just saving, budgeting, and personal finance...but about what's really important in life. Watch, share, and follow. Check out this great millennial interview, watch the Miami Heat & NBA playoffs and be sure to follow my man Kelly Olynyk.

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