Episode 3 - Wall Street

At first I was actually rejected over 30 times for interviews with Wall Streeters. All I was asking for was some investment advice for Millenials. But, aha, I realized most of these financiers don't want to give away any such wisdom for free! That, nor do they want to violate most companies' policies of not talking to guys like me on camera. For some background, and if you've been following my posts, I've never done anything like this, and stumbled upon wanting to help my generation dig out of the financial hole I seen that we're in as a whole. So, yeah, I got rejected over and over, but I kept poking the bear and alas, got some key advice from Wall Street. What I found was somewhat simple and surprising, but also given how guarded these Wall Streeters were, inspires me to start developing a bigger strategy to help establish financial stability if you're young and starting out...for free! Stay tuned for what's to come.

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